Registration Date 8 May 2021
Revision Date 8 May 2021

SmartMetric biometric credit card


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SmartMetric announced that the nanotechnology it has developed inside the credit card for fingerprint biometric card activation has turned the credit card into an advanced intelligent device beyond the simple credit card. Creating the motherboard with specially engineered components such as the ARM processor used to process the user's fingerprint has taken many years of R&D. Inside the SmartMetric biometric credit card is not only a powerful processor but an advanced power management system that allows the card's internal battery to be recharged every time the card is inserted inside a card reader or ATM.

Biometric fingerprint card Long-life rechargeable battery

Manufacturer's Description

SmartMetric brings the power of biometrics to the world of payments. 100% identity verification with a secure transaction, allows the consumer to safely purchase in a store or use the card securely at an ATM.

Using advanced miniaturization of biometric fingerprint recognition and verification technology SmartMetric is able to deliver portable in a card biometrics security.

Whether for doorway access, secure network log on or across the corporate or government campus immediate on the spot secure identity verification.  The SmartMetric solution is an amazing advancement in the field of identity validation and  security.

Easy to enroll your fingerprint at home. No need to ever give your fingerprint to a bank. Your card becomes the vault that stores your fingerprint. Only after you touch the cards biometric sensor on the top of the card will the cards chip work for a credit or debit card transaction. Inside the card is a powerful miniature computer on a paper thin mother board that scans and matches your fingerprint in less than a second.