Registration Date 9 May 2021
Revision Date 9 May 2021

Clear water-based coating for wood


Construction Masonry Materials



Make a fine-looking, glossy and uniform surface on the wood Increases the lifetime and robustness of wood paint


Decrease costs, fire danger and pollution due to using water instead of paint thinner Washability Good exposure Rapid Drying Resistance to abrasion and friction caused by foreign objects damages No powerful and unpleasant aroma Adding nanoparticles to the product of Clear product of Pushesh Giti Sabz Espadan coating has formed anti-flare property in the product. Likewise, with the adding nanoparticles to the clear, its sedimentation rate tends to be reduced.

Washability Water resistance Abrasion Resistance Odorless Friction Resistance Long life Weather Resistance Highly glossy Anti-sagging effect Sunlight protection

Manufacturer's Description

Clears are mostly categorized to dualistic kinds which are glossy and matte. Likewise, some clears are not water-based and use paint thinner as a diluent. The benefit of water-based clears over other paint thinners that are watered down with paint thinner is that they do not cause different cancers. Some clears are for wood while others are for metals, cement and exterior surfaces of the structure, each of which is used in a different way depending upon the chosen surface. Some clears should be applied with a brush on the chosen surfaces and others are in hand as spray. Water-based clear used as a protective coating on wood surfaces makes a strong coating on painted surfaces and keeps the surfaces away from water, sunlight and weather circumstances. This product is watered down with water and straightforwardly applied on wooden surfaces with a brush.