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Air filters for heavy vehicles, road construction and agricultural machinery


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Due to the high surface area, length-to-width ratio and low density, nano-fibers eliminate large quantities of particles throughout the filtration course, and this act yields improved filtration competence. The mechanism of action is that a thin layer of nano-fiber grid makes an obstacle counter to particles, while air is passed from side to side in the large volume through slight holes. In particular, the surface area of ​​the nano-fibers traps smaller particles as air passes through the pores of filter medium.
Heavy vehicles Agricultural machinery Road construction machinery


Easy installation and cleaning Low price compared to similar products Low pressure drop High efficiency Extensive lifetime More flow rather than filters with no nano-coating

High Specific Surface Area Long life High dust absorbtion capability Efficiency improvement High length-to-width ratio Low density

Manufacturer's Description

A filter is a device that precludes the tracking of waste products in a fluid like air, water or oil. An air filter is a fibrous device that takes away solid particles such as dust, dirt and bacteria from the air. These noxious wastes confer to the basic fibers as they pass through the filter and passing through will impeded. So, the smaller the pores in the filter, the greater the filter efficiency and the smaller particles can be disallowed from passing through. Efficiency improvement of the filter is typically instigated by increasing the fiber density in filter bed, which subsequently upsurges the pressure drop and therefore increases energy intake. The application of filters with nano-fiber coating increases the efficiency of the filter in absorbing finer particles deprived of causing a substantial increase in the pressure drop of the filter, compared to the filter with no nano-fibers. This increases the quality of the passing fluid and as a result increases the lifetime of the parts giving a reduction in the overhaul and discontinuing time period. Heavy vehicle air filter is an operative module in this kind of heavy vehicle that is in control for cleansing the air toward the inside the engine to make a mixture of fuel and combustion. Agricultural machine filters are used to stop airborne particles from entering the air. This device plays an operational role in increasing the lifetime of agricultural machines by reducing and purifying air contaminants and the quantity of dust. Though, the absorption power of this kind of filter should be such that it does not avert air flow into the engine as it may prevent the amalgamation of fuel and combustion in agricultural machinery.