Registration Date 10 May 2021
Revision Date 10 May 2021

CoronaOven 2.0S


Medicine Disinfection

Disinfection Chamber


Coronavirus COVID-19


Log 9 Materials Pvt. Ltd., a nanotechnology start-up, has developed CoronaOven, a lightweight, portable disinfection chamber specifically designed to kill various types of bacteria and viruses, including Novel Coronavirus by using ultraviolet light.

Lightweight Virus removal Bacteria removal Disinfection

Manufacturer's Description

CoronaOven is a portable UV light sanitizer for sanitizing all types of surfaces. Use it to sanitize your daily household items, office items, factory tools, and even groceries. 

It uses UVC light for sanitization and comes with 360-degree surface exposure. It is very safe to use as it comes with an automatic switch to immediately cut-off the UV source whenever the door is opened.     

It decontaminates your PPE (personal protective equipment) that can be reused again without worry.

It helps to avoid inventory overload and makes your safety-measures more economical. Shop owners can also use it to sterilize their items before selling them.
It has been specifically engineered, taking into consideration, the cell structure & other characteristics of the “Corona Family of Viruses”.
CoronaOven provides accurate and necessary energy on each point on the surface of an object to be decontaminated to ensure 100% Surface Coverage