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Environment Air Remediation

Air Purifier


Air purification


Prevents air pollution (smog, dust, soot, pollen and other particles that can harm the lungs) from entering into the indoor environment. › Excellent fi ltration properties, capturing particles PM 2,5 even PM 1. PM 2.5 particles are the most dangerous ones due to their ability to irreversibly reside in lungs. ose particles may be some toxic substances but microorganisms as well. › Excellent light permeability. e mesh has an excellent light permeability, maintaining good transparency~80%. › Blocks the strong wind coming through while allows suffi cient air stream. › e window can be opened even during colder and hot weather and rainfall. It can be used even in winter to prevent „sick building“ syndrome. › Acts as thermal insulation. › No energy consumption. › Nanomembrane window screen is hydrophobic, so the water doesn’t soak in, allowing fi ltering function even it rains.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-pollution Thermal Insulation Deodorization Hydrophobic Anti-dust Antiviral Antismog Allergens removal

Manufacturer's Description

Nanocleaner is a nanofiber filter for air filtration in windows or doors - the result of 12 years of research and development of nanofiber membranes for air filtration. It is a product that makes full use of the completely unique properties of nanofibers - especially the ability to create barriers to penetration of even the smallest objects, such as bacteria, viruses and dust particles.
The nanofibers form a nonwoven fabric with a pore size of about 100 nanometers. Pollution from the external environment does not pass through these pores, but oxygen molecules pass without problems. They are so small that the passage of nanofibers is no problem for them.