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Registration Date 16 May 2021
Revision Date 16 May 2021

FN® 1 BioMax


Construction Masonry Materials



Stone Concrete Hospitals Ceramic Coronavirus COVID-19 Interior walls


Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Long-term Effective Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

The functional coating FN ® 1 BioMax was developed with the aim of maximizing its antimicrobial function and enabling its use as an effective biocidal product with a long-term effect (24/7). It provides effective protection against nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities, in nursing homes and households and in other places where it improves protection against the spread of infections. FN ® 1 BioMax is a composite hybrid biocidal protective coating based on titanium dioxide with an active biocidal substance and a very strong photocatalytic effect. The antibacterial effect of the active biocidal substance is supported by the photocatalytic effect, which is activated by the impact of daylight or artificial light with a share of the UV spectrum .

To ensure full functionality in interiors, it is necessary to ensure access of ultraviolet radiation with a minimum intensity of 0.2W / m 2 to the created FN NANO® surface.

The FN ® 1 BioMax coating layer very effectively kills viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms and reduces the concentration of impurities in the air. As with other FN NANO ® coatings, microorganisms on this surface cannot mutate. Works in both light and dark.

FN ® 1 BioMax is used as an effective antibacterial surface protection for interior walls. It can be applied to concrete, ceramic, stone and other common surfaces.

effectively kills microorganisms - viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms to settle on the surface of buildings
certified as concrete protection
very suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics