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Respiratory protection


The nanofibre filtration layer presents a physical barrier against the penetration of viruses, bacteria and minor solid particles. Its filtration function is more stable and long lasting as opposed to ordinary medical masks. The filtration of standard masks works on the principle of an electrostatic charge, which “attracts” impurities and prevents their penetration through the mask. Through the gradual moistening and exhaling of water vapours, the efficiency of an ordinary mask gradually decreases (loss of the electrostatic charge). However, our masks and filters with a nanofibre layer ensure up to 12-hour protection without losing their functionality.

Anti-bacterial Activity Long life Antiviral 12-hour protection

Manufacturer's Description

A disposable protective mask, with a bendable nose piece nose and elastic ear bands. 

The NANO MED.CLEAN medical mask is made of a three-layer filtration medium composed of a supporting textile layer, a nano-fibre filter and a textile protective layer.

Certified as a class I medical device, CE marked, conforms to standards EN 14683, type IIR. 
High filtration efficiency of 99.9% capture of viruses, bacteria as well as dust particles verified by Nelson Laboratory tests VFE, BFE, PFE.
Easy breathing due to high permeability (200 l/m²/s), while maintaining effectiveness.
The mask can be worn up to 12 hours.
Harmless according to the measurement of the National Institute of Public Health in Prague.
Made of soft non-irritating material.
Does not contain latex, glass fibres or other allergic substances.
All materials used in the product are made in the EU.