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Registration Date 18 May 2021
Revision Date 18 May 2021

BreaSAFE ® CLASSSIC FFP3 NR filter half mask


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Respiratory Mask


Coronavirus COVID-19


USER SAFE: The nanofiber membrane protects the user from COVID-19 SURROUND SAFE: Without an exhalation valve, protects the user and his surroundings LONG-TERM USE: Used properly to protect against microorganisms for several days. COMFORTABLE: Anatomical design with hypoallergenic treatment, without adhesives and binders BREATHABLE: Easy and comfortable breathing (240 cm 2 breathing surfaces) ULTRALIGHT: Only 16 g ADHESIVE: Excellent fit factor (mask tightness EASY TO MAINTAIN: Possibility of disinfection in professional and home environments.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Breathable Hypoallergenic Long life Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

BreaSAFE ®  respirators are made of nanofiber membrane , whose ultralight construction allows comfortable wearing for longer periods of time . BreaSAFE ® respirators do not have an exhalation valve and thus reliably protect against infection of the user and his surroundings.
Tests performed by renowned institutions such as Nelson Laboratories USA (one of the few laboratories in the world that measure viral and bacterial filtration efficiency - VFE, BFE) have confirmed an exceptional level of particle capture (≥ 99.9%) in the used membrane and thanks to high efficiency in the fight against microorganisms (eg SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19).