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Respiratory protective half masks with replaceable nanofiber filter. Respira five-layer nanofiber filters capture up to 99.999% of all solid particles, including viruses and bacteria. The unique design combines an inspiratory and exhalation filter. The filter section cleans itself with each exhalation. Therefore, replaceable filters have more than twice the durability of the competition.

Anti-bacterial Activity Flexibility Durability Comfortable Antiviral Particles removal Replaceable filter

Manufacturer's Description

The RESPIRA respiratory protective half mask from Nanologix is ​​a new generation half mask, the development of which took into account reliable functionality and at the same time high comfort of use. The basic requirement for the correct functionality of each breathing half mask is to ensure a perfect seal at the interface of the flexible part of the half mask and the face. This tightness was achieved by gradual developmental design steps, which included in particular the optimization of the shapes of the individual parts of the mask. The individual dimensions are based on an anthropometric study of the human face with a focus on the European population and represent the mean values ​​of the intervals of the size of the morphometric dimensions of the adult human face. Maximum flexibility and the ability to perfectly copy the human face is achieved both by the geometry of the cheek - the abutment surface adjacent to the face, and by the high flexibility of the selected material. The RESPIRA half mask for the flexible part uses a special type of silicone, which was developed specifically for use in healthcare, and therefore meets the strictest requirements. The maximum flexibility of the silicone allows an even distribution of the pressure exerted by the cheekbone on the face, thus achieving perfect tightness and at the same time high comfort of use even during long-term use.

In addition, silicone is characterized by high chemical resistance, and therefore there is no risk of damage to the half mask when in contact with a wide range of chemicals. Another significant advantage of this material is the minimal tendency to permanent deformations, which allows the storage of the half mask in a folded state in packages of small dimensions, after unpacking the half mask acquires its original shape and is ready for immediate use. In addition, thanks to its extreme resistance to aging, silicone does not lose its flexibility, which ensures a significantly extended service life of the half mask. The rigid part of the half mask used to clamp the filter is made of a high-performance thermoplastic polymer, which is reinforced with a fibrous filler to increase strength. It is a material characterized by perfect adhesion to the silicone part, which is necessary to ensure a reliable seal. The connection of the silicone to the rigid part is so strong that it can withstand a considerable mechanical load.

The RESPIRA respirator is equipped with a circular filter, which is attached to the facial part by means of a threaded connection. The design of the connection is designed so that changing the filter is easy and intuitive, without the need to remove the half mask from the face. This round thread system thus allows a very quick filter change with just one user hand. This design solution results from the needs of users in crisis situations, where the speed and ease of installation of the filter often fundamentally affects the level of health protection.

The tightness itself at the interface of the fixed part of the half mask and the filter is ensured by a silicone sealing ring, which is anchored to the filter body. Thanks to its properties, this ring ensures a reliable seal for the entire life of the mask, as it does not squeeze and lose flexibility. The circular filter itself is designed to suit a wide range of filter materials. The minimum normatively determined filter area of ​​150 cm2 in terms of breathability is safely met and can be significantly increased by increasing the density of the filter material storage.

The filter insert is fixed in the filter by means of a special glue, which ensures not only the strength of the connection at the interface of the filter insert with the fixed parts of the filter but also perfect tightness. Respiratory protective half mask filters are equipped with various filter materials, which are recommended for individual types of environments for protection in the effectiveness of P1 to P3. The uniqueness of RESPIRA filters lies in the intentional non-use of the exhalation valve, as the pressure of the exhaled air is used to regenerate the filter element. This unique system extends the life of the filter in an contaminated environment, as the exhaled air partially cleans the filter element of trapped particles.