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Registration Date 19 May 2021
Revision Date 19 May 2021

Protective nano face mask Generation 2.0


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Respiratory Mask


Respiratory protection


The nanolayer based on a polymer made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) consists of a dense network of nanofibers with an average thickness of 50 - 90 nm. The three-layer laminate with a nanofiber layer provides high filtration efficiency against various microorganisms, allergens (eg pollen), fungi and dust particles with a lower pressure drop (breathing resistance), or with higher breathability of the material, which ensures comfort when breathing.

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fungal Activity Anti-dust Antiviral Allergens removal

Manufacturer's Description

• Was developed mainly for protection against the spread of viral and bacterial infections.
• The Generation 2.0 SNP face mask is structurally and functionally on the border between a face mask and a respirator. In many ways, it even surpasses the qualities of certain types of respirators.
• Acts as a mechanical barrier both for its wearer and or his/her surroundings.
• The whole face mask is made of one piece of NANO material and thanks to its unique construction it is highly adhesive, sealing and protecting a large part of the face.
• This design solution ensures maximum filtration of inhaled and exhaled air.
• The NANO material used allows for easy breathing and the ability to use the face mask, for example, throughout the work shift.
• Due to its very low weight its use is comfortable, non-burdensome and safe for users.
• It is produced in 4 sizes in order to achieve maximum tightness, filtration and comfort in use.