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Registration Date 19 May 2021
Revision Date 19 May 2021

Nanomembrane face mask with rubber bands


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Respiratory Mask


Respiratory protection


Mouth masks and half masks with nanofiber membrane. To protect against viral or bacterial infection, choose either three-layer disposable drapes with a Scino B nanofiber membrane or more robust seven-layer disposable half masks with a Scino B nanofiber membrane.

Anti-bacterial Activity Breathability Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Our masks are formed by a three-layer structure, the most important layer of which is the Scino B nanomembrane. This nanomembrane consists of a tangle of fibers with a size of about 200 nanometers. The mask thus creates a dense network preventing the passage of particles and, thanks to its high porosity, allows breathing through the mask. The size of the pores is significantly lower than with traditional cotton masks and thus allows the capture of smaller particles. The nonwoven fabric and the polyamide (PA6.6) used for the production of nanofibers are certified and are suitable and safe for use in contact with the skin. No chemicals are used in the manufacture of our products that would be inhaled during use.