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Registration Date 19 May 2021
Revision Date 19 May 2021

YourPOCKET SilverKiller


Medicine Medical Supplies

Respiratory Mask


Respiratory protection COVID-19


Anti-bacterial Activity Washability Anti-microbial activity Anti-fungal Activity Long life Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Two in one: a nanofilter against viruses, an active silver against bacteria.

The world around us is changing, so are our products. The popular YourPOCKET, combining the advantages of a fabric mask and the protection of nanotechnologies in our offer, is newly complemented by YourPOCKET SilverKiller. In this variant, the mask is also made of 100% cotton used in healthcare, but its top layer is treated with SILVERPLUS ® active silver ion technology. It is an indelible antibacterial and antifungal treatment, which even after 100 washing cycles at 60o C still shows 99.9% bacterial reduction (according to the test method ASTM-E2149-01). Silver ions are activated on the fabric as an active cleaning agent when the humidity increases. The fabric thus has an exceptional hygienic effect, has antimicrobial and antiseptic effects, neutralizes odors and acts as a prevention against infections caused by golden staphylococci. Antiviral efficacy is up to 90%. The fabric is allergically neutral and has no effect on the skin's natural balance. The upper and lower layer of the fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and is not harmful to health. YourPOCKET SilverKiller comes exclusively with the new generation of YourFILTER UltraForce nanofilters, which further increases the level of protection provided.