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MEFTEX metallized fabric


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metallized fabric


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The total weight of the MEFTEX metallized fabric is given by the sum of the weight of the base material and the weight of the metal applied by the metallization process. Said sum practically does not exceed the value of the weight of the base material. From this point of view, MEFTEX is unique and from the point of view of the raw materials used, especially the amount of applied metals, it is significantly ecological. The unique technology of production of the basic material (non-woven PES fabric) guarantees extraordinary tensile strength even at low weight. The material is extremely strong compared to other types of nonwovens. The reflectivity of the surface, especially for infrared (IR) radiation, allows the use of MEFTEX metallized fabric in various technical applications (suppression of heat traces or ensuring thermal comfort). The level of thermal radiation reflection is about 70%. The final surface treatment combined with the metals used prevents the growth of living organisms on the surface of the material and thus guarantees its excellent antimicrobial properties. The method of production of the basic material as well as the metallization technology creates a material that is highly breathable. The metallization of individual fibers is performed in nano layers and does not affect the breathability of the base material. One of the basic properties of MEFTEX metallized fabric is its ability to shield electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EM shielding values ​​range for defined frequencies (30 MHz - 20 GHz) at a level from 55 dB, ie. decrease in EMR intensity at least 500,000 times. The low surface resistance (up to 5 Ω) gives the MEFTEX metallized fabric the ability to conduct electric current as well as a significant antistatic property. Depending on the amount of applied metals, the surface resistance can be reduced to a level below 1 Ω. The final surface treatment of the MEFTEX metallized fabric significantly reduces the ability of the environment to cause corrosion of the metal on the surface of the material, thanks to which MEFTEX can be classified as anticorrosive.

Anti-microbial activity Lightweight Anti-static Anti-electromagnetic Wave Breathable Far Infrared Reflection Anti-corrosion Excellent tension

Manufacturer's Description

MEFTEX metallized fabric achieves exceptional new technical properties and at the same time retains all the properties of the original material (lightness, flexibility, breathability, tensile strength, textile appearance). The resulting metallized fabric acquires excellent quality, which is maintained even under high and permanent loads (grinding, bending, stretching). Continuous and fully automated production is a guarantee of a homogeneous and standard product with constant and always the highest quality.

High demand for new textile materials, from various areas of industry, has led us to develop a unique patented technology for the chemical deposition of various types of metals on the surface of textile materials.

We believe that smart textiles will bring progress not only to areas such as aerospace and safety, but that they will make a significant contribution, in particular, to improving our daily lives. Whether their applications in medicine, construction and clothing, not only in the field of sportswear, or in ensuring personal safety and protection against harmful external influences, such as electrosmog or UV radiation.

We believe that a quality solution to any problem must be meaningful for our customers and at the same time simple, ie. without unnecessary complications, economical and environmentally friendly. We are not satisfied with anything less than an excellent result.