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Registration Date 25 May 2021

Nanoimpregnation of wood - WAProtect


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Wood fences Laminate Terrace Wooden buildings Cork floors


Hydrophobic impregnation WAProtect is a durable, highly effective solvent-based protection system . It can be used to protect natural wooden surfaces , laminate, floating floors, etc. It forms a transparent ultra-thin nanolayer on the surface, which very effectively repels water and oils. Especially suitable for vertical surfaces that protect against splashing water and dirt.

Durability Long-term Effective Hydrophobic Transparent Water repellent Dirt repellent Oil repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Nanoimpregnation of wood - WAProtect
Hydrophobic impregnation for wood -based solvents containing nano particles is intended for long-term, voděvzdornému treatment of absorbent surfaces - wood, cork and paper . The nano layer creates a repellent effect against water and dirt .

WAProtect impregnation has excellent effects when used on wooden buildings - fences , pergolas , gazebos , areas around swimming pools and terraces , garden furniture , cork floors and tiles , paper wallpaper, cardboard packaging, model products , etc.

Impregnation NANOBALA WAProtect is designed to properly impregnate the hydrophobic surface a dry and processed wood without any surface treatment , or wood treated dressing and glaze on a water or alcohol base .
Protective agent WAProtect not suitable for older (oxidized) wood or on surfaces already treated with other protective coatings eg. Penetration, etc. Two-component impregnation.
It is not possible (or only with difficulty) to apply other layers - eg paints - to the surface treated with hydrophobic impregnation WAProtect .

Nano coating is non-sticky after drying, it does not form a coating .
WAProtect impregnation slightly emphasizes the structure and color of treated wood, cork, paper.