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Textile Finishing Agents

Textile Finishing Agent


Nano impregnation LTProtectPlus on the skin can be applied to all types of leather - from the finest deer to firm pigskin - on jackets, shirts, blouses, jackets, pants, clothing for motorcyclists, overalls, horse saddles and harnesses, leather sofas, backpacks, hats, etc.
All types of leathers Textiles surface modification


The revolutionary water-repellent skin product with a hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect works on the basis of nanoparticles . The product forms an invisible, surface film around the fibers. The appearance, feel and breathability of the treated leathers remain unchanged. protection is long-lasting, strengthens the skin against abrasion and protects it against UV radiation even at variable temperatures. Fabrics treated with LTProtectPlus can be routinely cleaned with water.

UV Protection Abrasion Resistance Long-term Effective Water repellent Dirt repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Nanotechnological hydrophobic impregnation for leather and textiles based on nanotechnology. Prevents the penetration of water and dirt into the structure of the material.

Nano impregnation causes waterproofness , while the appearance, feel and breathability of the treated leather and fabric remain unchanged .
Protects material from contamination, salts and chemicals up to pH 13.
Hydrophobic protection is long-lasting , the product protects textiles and leather against UV radiation even at variable temperatures.
Nano impregnation LTProtectPlus can be applied to all types of natural leather - from the finest deer to solid pigskin smooth and cut

- for leather and textile footwear , gloves, jackets , trousers, shirts, jackets, work blouses and overalls , clothing for motorists, overalls, horse saddles and harnesses, backpacks, hats, caps ;

LTProtectPlus impregnation also has excellent effects when used on home textiles and textile products that are not easy to clean:

- for leather and textile sofas , for seat covers , carpets , tents, awnings, parasols , textile wallpaper , car covers , etc.