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Nanodeodorant - antiviral and antibacterial product


Medicine Disinfection

Disinfecting Spray


Manufacturer Asserted

Titanium dioxide

TiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 13463-67-7


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effective virus protection eliminates odors in your car, apartment, factory and operations suitable against organic odors and volatile substances it has antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral effects If you are interested in a larger purchase, contact us

Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-fungal Activity Anti-static Antiviral Unpleasant odor elimination

Manufacturer's Description

is a new water-based product developed using nanotechnology.
The contained TiO 2 induces a photocatalytic process that decomposes complex molecules of organic odors, acts as a protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
At the same time, it absorbs UV radiation (absorbed photons participate in photocatalytic processes) and has an antistatic effect.
No change can be seen in the look or feel. 
The surface remains completely non-sticky and perfectly breathable.  
Sufficient daylight is necessary to ensure the functionality of the photoactive layer. If this cannot be ensured, for example when applied indoors, then it is replaced by an artificial source of UV light (UV-A fluorescent lamps, discharge lamps, etc.) in the range of 350 - 375 nm. The optimal wavelength for photoactivation is 365 nm. The minimum power of the UV-A source is governed by artificial sources according to the rule: 1W electrical input of the source per 1m 2 of  illuminated area. The minimum intensity of UV-A radiation is 0.2W / 1m 2 .  Suitable against all types of odors of organic origin - animals, food processing, musts, odors from sweat, etc.