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Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes


Others Nanomaterials Product Number : 308068-56-6

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes


Manufacturer Asserted

Multi-wall carbon nanotube

CNT Carbon Nanotube CAS Number : 308068-56-6


Conductive plastics Structural composite materials Flat-panel displays Gas storage CNTs thermal materials Molecular electronics based on CNTs Antifouling paint CNTs fibers and fabrics Micro- and nano-electronics CNTs Air & Water Filtration CNTs catalyst supports Ultra-capacitors Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) tips Batteries with improved lifetime Biosensors for harmful gases Targeting Drug Delivery Bioengineering applications such as energy storage and conversion devices, radiation sources, and hydrogen storage media
Coatings Composites Sensors Supercapacitors Catalysts Energy storage Solar cells Polymer Battery Conductive plastics


They are very light-weight – their density is one sixth of that of steel Their thermal conductivity is better than that of diamond Ultra-high strength, low-weight materials that possess highly conductive electrical and thermal properties.

Lightweight High strength High Electrical Conductivity High Thermal Conductivity

Manufacturer's Description

Research is ongoing in fields such as drug carriers, nanosensors and tissue engineering (batteries), energy storage, thermal material, electrical conductivity, biomedical, air and water filtration, conductive plastics, conductive adhesives, coatings for prosthetics, as well as anti-fouling coatings for ships, I/R Optics Industry, fuel cells, solar cells, advanced devices, optics, inks and coating fluids for highly transparent and conductive coatings for displays, photovoltaic devices, sensors, solid state lighting, Brakes, Electromagnetic shielding, Anti-electrostatic material, Sensor, Super capacitor, Electrode, Fuel cell, Field emission display, Heat dissipation, Polymer composite engineering plastics, polymers, displays, anti corrosion paints, thin films and coatings, transparent and non-transparent conductive electrodes, super hydrophobic coatings and anti-static packaging while active etc.