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Registration Date 17 Jul 2021
Revision Date 17 Jul 2021

ITO Coated Glass


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ITO Glass


LCD and OLED displays ITO-coated microscope slides for science and research Micro structuring applications Heatable microscope slides and coverslips for medical technology Conductive and optically transparent coatings for touch screens and touch-sensitive display technology Circuit substrates for electronics Small-molecule Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) Conductive coatings for transparent electrodes EMF/EMI/EMC/RFI and HF shielding glass Flat antennas for digital mobile communication devices Chip-on-glass (COG) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) (e.g. TN, STN) Organic solar cells, biosensors, Electroluminescence devices Reflective infrared filters Coatings for de-icing windows, Infrared mirrors
LCD display Touch display Microscope OLED display Transparent electrodes


Highly transparent and electrically conductive coatings Excellent light transmittance from the visible to the near-infrared range Low surface resistivity High optical transmittance Stratch and abrasion resistant Thermally stable up to high temperatures Inert to a wide range of chemical Low microroughness Reflective for infrared wavelengths Excellent coating adhesion Structuring by laser or etching processes possible

Electrical Conductivity Thermal stability Transparency Abrasion Resistance High optical transmittance Low surface resistivity Low microroughness

Manufacturer's Description

ndium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated glass slides is mostly for used in research and development. ITO (Indium tin oxide) conductive glass belongs to the group of TCO (transparent conducting oxide) conductive glasses. An ITO glass has a property of low sheet resistance and high transmittance. Indium tin oxide coatings provide excellent optical transmission. They are used for touch screens as well as for organic LEDs (OLED) and LCDdisplays in digital devices. Indium tin oxide coatings can also be used to make IR-mirrors and FIR-filters because ITO coatings with low surface resistance and high film thickness have a good reflection in the upper infrared wavelength range. ITO coated glasses are used for transparent EMC/EMI/RFI shielding applications, for circuit substrates, heater and de-icing, antennas for mobile communication, Microscope slides, display technology, so on and so forth.