Registration Date 17 Jul 2021
Revision Date 17 Jul 2021

LiGNO TM02® Tiger Milk Mushroom


Food Meal



Lung diseases Respiratory diseases


Immunomodulating, anti inflammatory, anti asthmatic activity, bronchodilating, anti proliferative, anti diabetic, anti AGE, antioxidant and neuritogenic properties. Peer-reviewed data supports LiGNO TM02® efficacy and shows that the ingredient can help to: -Improve Lung & Respiratory Health -Improve General Immunity -Maintain joint health -Relieves allergies -Protect against oxidative stress -Promote healthy energy levels & mental clarity -Maintain vitality and overall wellbeing

Anti-inflammatory Immunity Improvement Anti-aging Anti-oxidant Health Respiratory Joints protection Lung Health Improvement Bronchodilating Anti proliferative

Manufacturer's Description

Tiger Milk Mushroom is a Malaysian National Treasure. It has more than 400 years history of use to treat lung & respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough and sinus, joint pain, cancer, chronic hepatitis, gastric ulcer and as a general tonic. This mushroom also relieved the chronic cough of Malaysia’s 4th& 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Wild Tiger Milk Mushroom is only distributed in tropical forest within South East Asia. Its medical potency is found in its sclerotium which grows underground. The occurrence of wild Tiger Milk Mushroom is limited and scarce, making its collection a difficult task and hence its supply is limited.
LiGNO TM02® is a standardized Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotia powder produced using our proprietary solid-state fermentation technology. LiGNO’s proprietary process ensures and preserves the maximum content of its active components. This powder is offered in bulk powder form as an ingredient for your formulations. The safety of LiGNO TM02® has been assessed scientifically through extensive preclinical toxicological evaluation and clinical validation.