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Respiratory nasal filter


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BREATHE CLEANER EVERY DAY – Nanoclean nasofilter can effectively lessen your exposure to polluted air indoor and outdoor. It allows you to breathe fresh and clean air every day at the home, office, or while traveling as well MAXIMIZED PROTECTION: Manufactured with the technical knowledge of IIT Delhi, it filters out the PM 2.5 aerosols from the air and blocks smoke, dust, pollens, and harmful substances. Provide protection with 95% efficiency up to 12 hours PERFECT FIT: Comes in different sizes that directly fit on the nasal orifice and eliminated the problems of air leakage, fogging of spectacles, and warming of cheeks. SUPER BREATHABILITY: Made up with Nanofiber technology, it offers a better airflow rate and low air resistance while breathing. As it is worn only on the nose so doesn’t create any problem while speaking or eating EASY TO CARRY & USE: This use and throw product are easy to carry anywhere. It can be worn only with the help of your thumb and the tip of the index finger. This simple but powerful device filters out most of the pollutants that impact your health.

Anti-pollution Breathability Anti-dust Antiviral Smoke removel

Manufacturer's Description

Nasofilters, is a respiratory nasal filter that sticks to your nose and prevents the entry of harmful air pollutants in your body. Nasofilters is made to help people stay safe from air pollution that is affecting everyone. Developed by a team from IIT-Delhi, this breakthrough nano-technology protects from dust, air pollution, particulate matter, SMOG, pollens. Nasofilters can be helpful to people who want to stay safe from pollution, allergies, asthmatics who suffer due to dust etc.