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Manufacturer's Description

AC FILTER: Comes in standard size and contains 2 units. This DIY product with nanofiber technology enables your air conditioner to remove micropollutants like PM2.5 from indoor air while cooling down your room and allows you to breathe in clean air
TURN AC INTO AIR PURIFIER: Engineered to fit perfectly with all wall-mounted window and split AC models. No need to buy an additional purifier for your home or office. No extra power consumption and no compromisation with cooling
CLEAN AIR IN AN HOUR: Designed to capture 90% PM2.5 from indoor air in just one hour of use. It also captures dust, smoke, and pollutants present in the air and makes your room more breathable
PROVEN PERFORMANCE: The more black the filters, the more clean air you get. It pulls and trap unwanted particles from your household air and release purified air to create a cleaner, healthier and fresher home environment for your family
IDEAL FOR MANY: Best for Maintains air flow and stay tough on dust and air polution.

Nanoclean AC filter turns your AC into an Air purifier at an extremely affordable cost.
Our AC filter is designed to complement the existing filtering screen of your wall mounted (split & window) air conditioner.
Filters out up to 90% of dust, allergens and other micro-particle pollutants in just 1 hour from the air inside your homes.
Nanoclean AC Filters is a specially designed non-woven structure which is able to capture the pollutants because of its high dust holding capacity. The fabric structure is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters.