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Mr Fix 10h Original Diamond GlassKlare Ceramic Coat


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish




10H Hardness Hardness scale is used in coating industry to determine paint hardness, H is capacity of a coated surface to resist scratching, what is important is the balance between hardness and flexibility. Hydrophobic & Antifouling Our new generation nanabionic ceramic technology mimics natureâ€s Lotus effect, the lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultrahydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of lotus flower. 3D Deep Gloss Condensed Nano-Bionic particles with superior crosslinking abilities provide tough 3D structure high gloss flexible coating. Nanomaterials These materials describe, materials of which a single unit is sized 1 and 1000 nanometers Anti-Acid Rain Durable protection against acid rain. Anti UV Prevents paint from fading and oxidation. Self-Cleaning Dust blows off dirt washes off easily. Antistatic Repels dust from the paint work. Anti-Calcium Prevents water spots

Scratch Resistance Self-cleaning UV Protection Corrosion resistance Anti-static Super hydrophobic 9H hardness

Manufacturer's Description

[PROFESSIONAL CAR SURFACE PROTECTOR] After painted with this kit, a protective layer will be covered on car body, protect your car from salt fog corrosion, bird drops, UV light, scratches, stone chips, iron powder etc.Thanks to Hydrophobic properties your car stays clean longer, less efforts while washing your car.
[10H NANO TECHNOLOGY] Durability 3 years.10H hardness tech makes the car maintain flexible underneath while providing a water repellent covering at the surface, by the way, get a waxing effect, give a cleaning, shining car back to you.
[ANTI SCRATCH] With the hardness of super Hydrophobic glass coating. The sacrifical coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier.
[EASY TO USE] Put coat liquid on the cloth; Spread the liquid on the car; Use towel to wipe and polish sponge over the coated fabric. Just 3 steps help you save money.
[NOTE] Included 30ml Car Coating Ceramic , a Sponge, 2 cleaning cloth , a manual. Kindly Note: please do not touch or apply water to treated surface in next 12 hours-24hrs after each coat.