Registration Date 19 Aug 2021
Revision Date 19 Aug 2021

G-lay Unico Graphene Engine Oil additive for Below 600cc All Engine Types


Automotive Auto Additives

Oil Additive


Manufacturer Asserted


C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


All Engine Types


Reduction in CO and CH emissions by 70% Improves the longevity of the oil to 30000 Km Reduces engine temperature Reduces the amount of friction in your engine while Dramatically lowering the amount of noise your engine makes Proven to boost engine performance by 42% improvement

Friction Resistance Reduction of Harmful Emissions Engine Heat Reduction Extending engine life

Manufacturer's Description

G-LAY Graphene Engine Optimization Oil additive. Improve your car’s entire performance with our G-LAY Graphene Engine Optimization Oil additive! A combination of nanographene and quality engine oil reduces the amount of friction between surfaces, increases mileage on your car, extends the life of the oil, and improves overall efficiency in your car. Mix the G-LAY Graphene Engine oil additive to your car’s oil and you’ll notice an instant difference in the way your car drives, feels, and sounds! That’s right, the G-LAY graphene engine oil additive even cuts down the amount of sound and toxic exhaust that your car releases after 100km running post-application of the nanotechnology additive. This magic oil is great for your car and the environment as it reduces the amount of polluting emissions by up to 70%. Now you can help reduce humanity’s carbon footprint on the planet while boosting your engine’s performance to another level at the same time!