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Star Heat Shield


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Scratch Resistance Thermal stability UV Protection Durability ANTI-HEAT

Manufacturer's Description

As Star Shield blocks up to 96% of infrared Rays,thus it reduces the heat penetration from glass,keeping the interior cool & comfortable,which in-turn reduces the load & cost of air-conditioning as it would require less energy. Because of its reflective capabilities, Star Heat Shield reduce the heat build,providing higher comfort & quality of life for worker & office staff by significantly lowering ambient temp. by up to 15% & enhances their efficiency & productivity by more than 13%. Star Heat Shield comes from variety of finished you can choose from transparent finish to frosted & Translucent finish which not only reduces your Heat but also enhances privacy & aesthetics. As compared to conventional heat reflective films (solar films) & high performance Energy Efficient glasses,the performance in terms of reduction of heat is more in Star Heat Shield and also it is approximately 1/3 rd cost of solar films & about 1/5th of High performance Energy Efficient Glasses. About 75 % of our cooling got absorbed by our Roof, Walls & Glass, Windows & Glass facade in commercial buildings are responsible for over 45 % of Heat transfers.Thus, it takes more power & time for Air-conditioners to make it cool & comfortable. What if we can reduce it ? well, won’t you start saving a lot in air conditioning cost ? Right. Star Heat Shield can repay your total investment of applying cool roof solution by saving in your energy bills. As Star Heat Shield (Transparent) is very though & permanent coating thus it is very much durable & also maintenance free, it has excellent durability of 7 + years. It can be cleaned with normal parameters without taking any major precautions .It is hassle free and easy to clean.