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Registration Date 22 Aug 2021
Revision Date 22 Aug 2021

Star Bacteria Shield


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-bacterial Paint


Hospitals Public place Home Restaurant Schools


Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Anti-fungal Activity Eco-friendly Odorless Scrub Resistance Antiviral Water repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Specially designed Nano-Technology based anti-bacterial water repellent coating/ Paint, Which not only kills but also prevents the growth of micro-organisms

Star Bacteria Shield is a Odourless paint so it has zero turn around time i.e. You can immediately start living in a newly painted room with no fear of any toxic release from paint

Star Hygiene Shield is hard and highly durable self-protective paint having an anti-microbial property that does not peel out. Works on all types of masonry surfaces to keep them bacteria free.

After drying forms a high cross-linked protective anti-bacterial polymer network. The coating not only kills but also prevents the growth of micro-organism like Mold/ Fungi/ Yeasts/ Bacteria/ Virus & protects from odor causing bacteria & other Nosocomial infections.

The Nano Technology based Star Bacteria Shield provides a protective covering to the interior walls and does not let the microbes grow on them making the surfaces clean and hygienic.