Registration Date 4 Oct 2021
Revision Date 4 Oct 2021

Spray ceramics E & QSC, 200ml


Automotive Maintenance

After Care Finish


Car Motorcycle Yacht


Strengthens the surface, thus creating additional protection against minor scratches; Smoothes out small scratches, eliminates holograms; It gives the surface very strong hydrophobic properties and an “easy cleaning” effect, so the surface stays clean for much longer; Strongly accentuates the color of the paint and gives shine. Does not attract dust; Protects the surface from the effects of the environment: from acids, alkalis (resistant to pH3 to pH12), several salts, UV rays, aging, provides additional protection against corrosion.

Scratch Resistance UV Protection Corrosion resistance Acid Resistance Hydrophobic Hardness Highly glossy Dust Resistance

Manufacturer's Description

Spray ceramics E & QSC is designed to protect the car surface from external factors such as: fine scratches, dirt, aging, premature oxidation, road salts, graffiti, insects, bird droppings, acid rain, UV. Due to the strong hydrophobic properties of the nano coating, water and dirt do not adhere to the surface. Spray ceramics E & QSC are perfect for use on car body, motorcycles and yachts. Dirt bounces off the surface, sprayed ceramics smooth out small scratches, highlight and renew color. Strengthens the surface, destroys holograms.