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Revision Date 4 Oct 2021

Nano coating for glass and ceramics GLASS and CERAMIC, 100ml


Construction Masonry Materials

Glass Protective Coating


Glass Ceramic


Hydrophobic coating is long-lasting, works up to 12 months; Protects coated surfaces from moisture, dirt and grease for a long time; Preventive protection against bacteria, algae and mold; the surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth; The protective coating is non-slip, does not change the color of the surface and is completely invisible; The product is harmless to the environment and people.

Anti-bacterial Activity Moisture Resistance Long-term Effective Hydrophobic Algae Resistance Dirt resistance Mold Resistant Grease repellent

Manufacturer's Description

The nano coating for glass and ceramics forms a water-repellent protective layer on the surface, which facilitates the cleaning of various dirt, limescale and soap deposits. Nano coating is designed for the maintenance of ceramic sinks, baths, showers, glazed ceramic tiles, glass products.

The measure prevents conditions for the reproduction of microorganisms dangerous to health. Dirt does not stick to the protective nano coating, so there is no need to waste time cleaning the gaps between the tiles. This measure is environmentally friendly.