Registration Date 9 Oct 2021

Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector


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Liquid screen protector


Smartphone, Tablet


Strong 9H Hardness Protection Superior cleaning results Completely Invisible Ultra-Thin Nano Layer Protection Crystal Clear HD Clarity Quality Retains Screen Sensitivity Reduced Finger-Print Smudges Universally Compatible To All Screen Devices

Scratch Resistance Dirt resistance Ultra-thin Dust Resistance 9H hardness

Manufacturer's Description

Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector offer the best protection for your device. Say goodbye to shattered screens! This liquid screen protector features 9H hardness to withstand all bumps, shocks and drops. The Zizo Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector comes in a liquid form and features a hi-tech nano coating technology meaning it can be applied to any surface, all of which results in excellent coverage. The liquid application adds a invisible layer with 9H hardness to your device's screen and so providing protection against dirt dust, germs and superficial scratching. Additionally the liquid form allows for it to be compatible with most, if not all smartphones, tablets, camera's screen and many more! Using the Zizo Nano Liquid Universal Screen Protector also makes your screen hygienic, safe to use and easy to keep clean. The specially formulated Nano Liquid protects your screen and prevents dirt, germs, grease and fingerprint build up.