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Graphene Jacket


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Sports Jacket


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C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Breathability Lightweight Anti-static Hypoallergenic Waterproof Body Temperature regulating Bacteriostatic

Manufacturer's Description

While it’s completely invisible and only a single atom thick, graphene is the lightest, strongest, most conductive material ever discovered. But it remains difficult to work with, extremely expensive to produce at scale, and lives mostly in pioneering research labs. So following in the footsteps of the Nobel prize winners who discovered it through their own highly speculative experiments, we’re releasing graphene-coated jackets into the world as experimental prototypes. Our aim is to increase the speed at which we bring bionic clothing into existence by getting graphene out of the lab and into the world by opening up our R&D – it’s why Fast Company described the jacket as “more akin to a hackathon than a fashion design process.” 9 months after it sold out, and half way through our findings, we’re opening up the test group for the second and final time before we disappear back into R&D for the next 2+ years.
Graphene is simply the thinnest possible layer of graphite, the stuff used to make pencils. When graphite is reduced to a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagon formation, it turns into a supermaterial unlike anything ever known before – it’s so strong and so stretchy that the fibres of a spider web coated in graphene could catch a falling plane. With the potential to transform almost every industry from space travel to electronics, graphene is so mind-blowing that its discovery was described as like finding CERN’s Large Hadron Collider on your desk.