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Nano Silver Adult Mask 2 PACK


Medicine Medical Supplies

Respiratory Mask


Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Anti-fungus Durable Antibacterial effect Anti-dust Anti-odor

Manufacturer's Description

Nano silver particles have big surfaces helping to increase their interactions with bacteria or fungi, maximizing the capacity, and immediately block bacteria after exposure.

Nano silver technology helps against the stickiness of the silver molecules by covering the surface of the molecules. Silver molecules in Nano format are extremely stable. 

Proper size, fits perfectly to the user's face, dust-proof, anti-droplet.
Consists of 3 specialized layers with great functions, limit bad factors to the maximum extent:

Outer Layer: Cotton layer with diverse colors, suitable for people of all ages.

Middle Layer: with exclusive anti-bacterial Nano Silver polyester padding layer. With Nano Silver technology, it acts as a safe filter to prevent the bacteria from entering the outer layer of the mask and to enhance the efficiency of anti-odor.

Direct-Contact Layer: Anti-bacterial knitted fabric, soft, airy, the amount of bacteria is 100 times less than that of normal fabric, maintaining anti-bacterial protection for up to 30 washings.