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LOG3Mask Active


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Respiratory Mask


Respiratory protection Coronavirus


Anti-bacterial Activity Washability Breathability Antiodor Quick-drying Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Breathable - 2-ply mask with filter pocket, fits standard PM2.5 filter (not included). The Active mask is designed for superior breathability - great for active sports and outdoor activities.

Advanced Materials - Two polyester layers. All embedded with ZioShield Technology with fast drying and anti-odor properties that won't wash off.
Dermatology-tested - Certified hypoallergenic and non-irritant. Active ingredient Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
Machine Washable - maintains the ZioShield properties up to 100 laundry cycles.
Eco-Friendly - No hazardous waste throughout the cycle of the product.
Filtration - The mask's filter pocket works with PM2.5 filter. The Active mask’s filtration efficiency is surpassed by the Pleated and Metro when used without the filter. Using the filter in combination with the ZioSheild technology in higher risk environments is recommended. 

Claros' technology embeds antiviral, antibacterial, & anti-odor properties on textile products. This is done by growing nanoparticles both directly on and within the chosen material. Other products only add to the surface where it quickly loses functionality and pollutes the environment. This transformative process is why leading clothing brands, the US Military, and the USDA are exploring the ZioShield technology to solve some of the world's largest problems.