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Shark Stop Wetsuits


Textile Sports Textile



Manufacturer Asserted

Polyethylene Terephthalate

(C10H8O4)n Nanoparticle /Nanopowder,Nanofiber CAS Number : 25038-59-9


Flexibility Impact Resistance Lightweight Abrasion Resistance High strength

Manufacturer's Description

Shark Stop fabric protects your femoral arteries from being punctured in the case of a shark bite incident. Our wetsuit fabrics have been tested on Great White Sharks by researchers at Flinders University of South Australia.

Shark Stop’s mission is to create not only the safest wetsuit in case of a shark incident but also take into account what makes a wetsuit highly functional.

Strategic placement of Shark Stop fabric within our suits is aimed to protect common bite sites,
primarily your femoral arteries as injury to these cause most shark attack fatalities.

Shark Stop Wetsuits will be packed full of features such as:

Glued & Bind Stitch
Slick Skin Wrist Cuffs
Key/Thigh Pocket
Stainless Steel Slider Zip
Slick Skin Neck Seal
Ankle Zips
High Wearing Knee Pads
Shoulder Wear Patches
Elbow Wear Patches
Seat Wear Patches


UHMPE has a strength to weight ratio 50% greater than Kevlar, and 8-15x greater than steel*

UHMPE fibres are high modulus and strength, abrasion-resistant fibres. Along with being UV resistant and lightweight with low density. Widely used in ballistic protection and defence applications.

Shark Stop wetsuits are designed with Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibre (UHMPE) which has a strength to weight ratio 50% greater than Kevlar, and 8-15x greater than steel*.

Shark Stop wetsuits are made with one of the lowest carbon footprint material of all wetsuits currently on the market. We choose to make our wetsuits with bio neoprene. This type of neoprene isn't just more durable, but it's environmentally friendly as well.

Our ocean and wildlife are at the front of our mind when manufacturing a product that will spend most of its time in use in the ocean. Using bio neoprene is our way of combating the abundance of environmentally polluting petroleum neoprene wetsuits that are currently being sold around the world.

In the ocean flexibility is essential to surfers. Shark Stop wetsuits allow surfers to maneuver, paddle, and surf with comfort and security. You can get into and out of your wetsuit with ease, without needing anyones help.