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AnCatt Rust-Legend coating


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-corrosive coating


Aerospace Steel Automotive Bridges Airports Pipelines


Scratch Resistance High Adhesion Chemical resistance Long life Anti-corrosion

Manufacturer's Description

After a century-long worldwide quest, anti-corrosion coatings are finally free of toxic heavy-metals, a legend is born.  AnCatt has successfully developed the world’s first and only heavy-metal free (green) high-performance anti-corrosion coating, a revolutionary coating technology platform for metal corrosion protection with both unprecedented performance and sustainability.  AnCatt Rust-LegendTM anti-corrosion paint is the world’s first and only heavy-metal free (toxic free) high-performance anti-corrosion paint, and surprisingly, it is also the longest lasting one, outlasted current best products by a whopping over six-times in corrosion durability tests such as salt fog (ASTM B 117) and still don’t know when the rust will come out. 

AnCatt Rust-LegendTM coating technology has been use in hundreds of independent corrosion tests and has been vetted and awarded by the leading scientific and industrial organizations, including the American Chemical Society (ACS), the National Innovation Summit, the RICE Alliances, the National Science foundation (NSF), NASA, U.S. Department of State, USAID, & NIKE.   AnCatt Rust-LegendTM coating also passed a 2.5 year marine-outdoor, three zones (submerge, tidal, atmosphere) exposure test on the North Sea, survived ice drag formed on the ocean surface, and still remained flawless.   AnCatt just received the Solar Impulse Foundation efficient product label in November 2020.

AnCatt Rust-Legend coating consists of a unique conducting polymer nano dispersion (CPND) based primer, a top layer and an optional inter layer. The polymer envelops the surface of metal and transforms the top layer into a thin but dense metal oxide layer. This system functions as an unique and effective barrier that protects metals from corrosion without using any current heavy-metal anti-corrosion pigment such as chromate, lead, or zinc. AnCatt coating technology significantly out performs current anti-corrosion coating products on the market by 3-6 times in corrosion durability, while also been the first ever heavy-metal free (green) high-performance anti-corrosion paint that can pass a standard high-performance corrosion test.  AnCatt Rust-Legend anti-corrosion paint is the exciting next-generation anti-corrosion coating platform for all metal surface corrosion preventions.