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Construction Masonry Materials

Glass Protective Coating


Manufacturer Asserted

Silicon dioxide

SiO2 Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7631-86-9


Plastics Glass Ceramic


Soil Repellency Temperature resistance Corrosion resistance Hydrophobic UV Resistant

Manufacturer's Description

GLASS COATING the protective nano-coating for glass, plastic, ceramic and other hard gloss surfaces. 200ml.
NANO GO coatings protect cleanliness, transparency, attractive appearance and self-cleaning properties.
Self-cleaning properties are desirable in many products. NANO GO coatings increase the durability of the surface, reduce the formation of dirt. NANO GO coatings consolidate the surface and protect it from rust, scratches formed in contact with dust or during cleaning.
NANO GO coatings are resistant to UV and temperature changes. Nanoparticles used in NANO GO products are smaller than micropores. They chemically bond to the surface walls and make them hydrophobic. The surface becomes hydrophobic, and the resulting water vapour can, without any problem, leave the structure. The surface becomes completely “breathable”.
The modern NANO GO GLASS COATING is an alcohol suspension of silicon-based nanoparticles, which guarantees safe use and does not burden the environment. The product is easy to apply by spraying and polishing with a microfiber cloth. NANO GO GLASS COATING formula contains silica nano compounds, creating a special coating that provides hydrophobic and oleophobic properties on the surfaces where it is applied.
The protective layer formed is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals that damage surfaces, causing opacity and limiting vision.
It dramatically facilitates cleaning and returns the shine to your surfaces.