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Muse Nanobots Antiviral Black design Face Mask with Head straps (100% Cotton)


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Respiratory Mask


Anti-bacterial Activity Comfortable Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

This mask is powered with Muse Nanobots technology which is proven effective on Coronavirus 229E.The fabric coated with nanomaterial which tested effective against bacteria and close enveloped viruses as per ISO 18184 and AATCC 100 standards.

4 layer mask: Inner Fabric (Coated with Antiviral Muse Nanotechnology) +Spun Bonded (Fluid Protection) + Melt Blown (Small Particle Filter) +Outer Fabric (Coated with Antiviral Muse Nanotechnology)


Anti-Viral &  Anti-Bacteria: Mask fabric is coated with Muse Nanotechnology which is proven to exhibit Inactivation properties upon Contact of Viruses  and Bacterias (as per  ISO 18184 & AATCC 100 standards) . Viruses as small as 30nm can be inactivated.


Comfortable: Our cotton face mask is provided with adjustable ear loops and  minimum eyewear fogging and better fit that makes it suitable to make all day long .


Dermatologically tested chemical treatment: Muse Nano Coating on fabric is proven to be safe and harmless to skin & body.


Reusable: Washable up-to 60 Washes