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Single Layer Graphene Oxide


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Graphene Oxide Powder


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Graphene oxide

C140H42O20 graphene Oxide CAS Number : 1034343-98-0


Electrical Insulation

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Our Single Layer Graphene Oxide is produced by a modified hummer’s method and features 40-60% functional group content providing high solubility in Di Water and other solvents that behave like water.

We supply Single Layer Graphene Oxide (SLGO) by the milligram, gram, or KG in powder form, dispersed, or as a coating on substrates.

Single layer graphene oxide is relatively hard to produce.  Research into effective yet inexpensive ways to make derivatives or related materials has attracted tremendous interest. Single layer graphene oxide is a single-atomic layer of highly oxidized carbon atoms, made by chemical oxidation of graphite. A material which is inexpensive and abundant. Graphene oxide is an oxidized form of graphene, laced with oxygen-containing groups. It is considered easy to process because it’s functionality promotes dispersion in water and other solvents and it can even be used to make graphene. Graphene oxide is an electrical insulator, not a good conductor, but a reduction process can restore the graphene structure and conductivity. Graphene oxide layers are about 1.1 ± 0.2 nm thick.

Graphene oxide is synthesized using four basic methods: Staudenmaier, Hofmann, Brodie and Hummers and many variations of these methods exist. The effectiveness of an oxidation process is often evaluated by the carbon/oxygen ratios of the graphene oxide.

We can provide graphene oxide dispersions In Di Water, NMP, THF, or DMF. Hazmat shipping fees may apply. The standard concentration for dispersions is 2mgs/ml, up to 10mgs/ml is available.