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Respiratory Mask


NPD Conjectured


Ag Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 7440-22-4




Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-dust Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

In this Pandemic times, ANANSA Technology and Services redirected its effort and focus on developing an innovative and highly performance mask. NanoProtectTM a high performing mask is developed by AVANSA Technology and Services in order to help community fight against Covid-19. NanoProtectTM mask and keeping physical (2 meter) distancing, we will help us to remain safe and fight against COVID-19.
NanoProtectTM mask have been designed to be suitable to use by daily commuters in the workplace, going outside in market, sports and exercise time. The fabric is non-allergenic, high breathability of fabric spreads heat quickly and provide greater comfort. NanoProtectTM mask is fulfilling the user requirement of protection,flexibility and reusability. NanoProtectTM mask is for all kids, youth and older generation.
NanoProtectTM is a mask with anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities. The mask is reusable up-to 100 washes makes it more economic and environmentally sustainable. Mask protects from virus, bacteria, dust, allergens and small air dust particles. The mask is having three layers consisting of layer for comfort, NanoProtectTM filtration layer with protection and a layer of hydrophobic coating that keep mask safe.
NanoProtectTM mask is manufactured with special fabrics and hand stitched layer to enhance the quality of the mask. This also help during the washing of mask and keep it in reusable condition with high filtration efficiency and antiviral activity. NanoProtectTM mask has efficiency to protect from bacteria, virus and small dust particles. It complies with standards of breathability and splash resistance.