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Nano Zinc oxide


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zinc oxide nanoparticle


Manufacturer Asserted

Zinc oxide

ZnO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1314-13-2


Cosmetics Plastics Rubber Health and medical fabric Petrochemical Complex


Anti-bacterial Activity Temperature resistance Wear Resistance Anti-aging Smoothness improvement Deodorant High mechanical strength

Manufacturer's Description

1. Vulcanization active agent in rubber industry, catalytic and additive in petrochemical industry, it is the first choice material for automobile tire, aircraft tire and industrial cable industry and zinc oxide ceramic.

2. Improve the smoothness, mechanical strength, temperature and aging resistance of rubber products, especially wear resistance.

3. Paint, transparent rubber, latex and plastics industry, can increase product strength and compactness, adhesion, smoothness.

4. Antibacterial bacteriostatic agents and deodorant materials, medical and health, textile sterilization materials, glass ceramic sterilization self-cleaning materials, pharmaceutical industry sterilization dressings.

5. The electronics industry and instrument industry, manufacturing electrical devices, radio, wireless fluorescent lamps, image recorders, rheostats, phosphors.

6. Sunscreen in cosmetics, antibacterial, moisturizing, astringent, health care anti-aging.

7. Functional fiber, textile products have many singular functions such as shielding ultraviolet rays, absorbing infrared rays, sterilizing health care, cooling or keeping warm.

8. Military industry: infrared absorbing materials.