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High Efficiency Polycrystalline M Series Cells


Renewable Energies Solar Cells

Solar Cell



Manufacturer's Description

  LDK Solar attaches great importance to the R&D and innovation of solar cell technologies, the conversion efficiency is greatly improved by adopting low reflectivity texturing process, high sheet resistance dense grid and MCCE solar cell process, having achieved automatic appearance sorting and the EL full inspection after being upgraded to full automation with lower fragment and hidden crack, as well as extremely low CTM. The cell quality has been greatly improved by full line mass production of double 85 Anti-PID cells which has been industry leading. 
       In 2018, LDK Solar further upgraded its solar cell technology and products, to begin with the popularization and application of multi-crystalline MCCE solar cell technology and multi-crystalline PERC solar cell technology; Meanwhile, to market and sale its new product casting mono silicon solar cells Lucid Water series by importing world's high-end solar cell equipment and mass production of bifacial passivated contacts solar cells,  and then gradually develops its next generation of cost-effective production line of HJT Solar cell , improves the conversion efficiency of solar cell by a large margin, so as to form a new generation of high efficiency solar cells, which enable the casting mono silicon solar cells to reach world class standard.