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Light Absorbing Nano-Additives


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Light Absorbing Additives


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Light Absorbing

Manufacturer's Description

ChromaNanoTech develops new products based around light absorbing nano-additives with the intent of high temperature stability and ease of use. Our additives range from the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths and are tailored to your production needs.

ChromaNanoTech has investigated the potential of enhanced print speeds and surface finish of metal additive printed parts. This additive material is designed to increase the laser absorbance of the printed metal powder, greatly increasing the overall heat transfer to the system, increasing print speeds to over 20% and a reduction in the surface roughness by 50%. Development of these additives for copper powders is nearly done. 

ChromaNanoTech can produce optically absorbing nanomaterials to selectively filter light based off of the application requirements. Some applications include laser protective eye ware, display filtering and fiber optics. These materials would gain the benefit of being nanosized, high surface area that is easily dispersed and maintain high optical absorption.

ChromaNanoTech has investigated the potential to generate unique anti-corrosive labels that maintain readability under high corrosive environments. These labels have also been enhanced to resist physical abrasion. These resins are available for purchase, please direct inquires to our contact page. 

ChromaNanoTech performs contract R&D related to light absorbing products, thermo-curable resins, UV curable resins, extruded polymer materials, laser etching, and laser printing. If you have a problem we can find the solution.