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Registration Date 27 Jun 2022
Revision Date 27 Jun 2022

Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces


Construction Masonry Materials

Anti-microbial coating


Hard Surfaces


Anti-bacterial Activity Anti-microbial activity Antiviral

Manufacturer's Description

Nanoman Antimicrobial for Hard Surfaces is a scientifically proven surface protectant that kills germs, viruses and bacteria (including Covid 19) upon application and for 6 months after application. Standard disinfectants require regular re-application meaning a surface can potentially be re-infected not long after traditional disinfection. Nanoman Antimicrobial in comparison provides ongoing peace of mind that a surface is protected long term (proven up to 6 months after application). Upon application, Nanoman Antimicrobial kills 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria. After the initial disinfecting kill, Nanoman Antimicrobial uses the power of nanotechnology to leave behind a layer of microscopic bacteria and germ destroying “nano swords” that provide on-going elimination of germs, viruses and bacteria.  This coating is invisible and does not alter the look or feel of the hard surfaces that it is applied to.  It is UV stable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  It is not suitable for application to the skin although once applied to the hard surface and dried it has no adverse effects when touched. It is recommended that normal cleaning of these hard surfaces continues as this will remove the dead germ cells and enable the coating to operate most effectively.