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Registration Date 27 Jun 2022
Revision Date 27 Jun 2022

Nanoman Stone + Brick


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Stone Protector


Stone Brick


Transparency Algae Resistance Water repellent Dirt repellent

Manufacturer's Description

Nanoman Stone + Brick is a clear, colourless, breathable, abrasion-resistant, easy to clean, waterproofing spray ideal for mineral substrates. It is recommended for all types of outdoor and indoor stone, brick, concrete and terracotta surfaces including, patios, verandahs, landscaping, furniture and kitchen bench tops.

It is a nanotechnology enabled stone and brick coating penetrating sealer with self-organizing Nano components that form an invisible layer on the surface to provide excellent water and dirt repellent properties.

Nanoman Stone + Brick is a very versatile penetrating sealer and coating in one which outperforms traditional solvent based sealers.

After applying Nanoman Stone + Brick dirt and grime particles such as grease and oily substances, calk and contaminants from the environment can no longer permeate and be absorbed by the mineral surface. Dirt particles are easy to remove, without the need for abrasive cleaning solvents or cleaning devices.
• Placement and location will impact the durability of Nanoman Stone + Brick.
• Life span of up to 7 years in most conditions and longer in some environments.
• If you are in an environment that produces a lot of friction against the coated surface i.e. a windy desert or seaside location, its life span may be shortened.
• Nanoman Stone + Brick covers 70ml to 100ml m2.