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Magnetic Liquid Ferrofluid EFH1 - 30mL


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Iron oxide

FeO Nanoparticle /Nanopowder CAS Number : 1345-25-1

Manufacturer's Description

Ferrofluid is a ferrous nano-particle liquid that reacts in the vicinity of a magnetic field. Many of us will first remember seeing this magnetic liquid as part of a science experiment at school. Ferrofluid is used as an excellent demonstration tool for magnetic experiments. The particles respond to the magnetic field to create a wondrous display of amazing shapes and once the magnetic field is removed the fluid returns to its random alignment. 

There is a diverse array of commercial and scientific applications for this product that make use of its unique attributes. It is commonly used in audio equipment like loudspeakers and microphones to moderate soundwave distortion or to absorb and buffer mechanical vibration. 

Ferrofluid can also serve as a low-friction sealant between moving mechanical components, creating an airtight sealant.The ferrous nanoparticles in Ferrofluids also make them efficient coolants. The fields of Biomedical Research, Science and Engineering also make use of this product for its ability to enhance definition in imaging equipment such as MRIs.