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AllPrep DNA/mRNA Nano Kit


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Manufacturer's Description

For the simultaneous purification of genomic DNA (gDNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA) from low-biomass samples
Simultaneous gDNA and mRNA isolation
Maximal yields from minimal cell quantities
High-molecular-weight, sequencing-ready gDNA
Messenger RNA suitable for single-cell RNA-seq application
Magnetic-bead-based system

Collect genetic and transcriptomic information from CTCs and rare cells, with minimal cell quantities, by isolating gDNA and mRNA from the same sample, at the same time.

The AllPrep DNA/mRNA Nano Kit uses a two-step magnetic-bead-based method that lets you maximize mRNA capture and isolate high-molecular-weight DNA for multiomics studies.

Unlike other procedures where the biological sample or purified total nucleic acids are divided into two before being processed separately, the AllPrep DNA/mRNA Nano Kit purifies gDNA and mRNA simultaneously from the same precious sample. It also allows the parallel processing of multiple samples in less than 75 minutes.

The kit is compatible with small amounts of low-biomass samples such as CTCs, rare cells and low numbers of cells of animal or human origin.

The use of toxic substances such as phenol and/or chloroform, and tedious methods such as alcohol precipitation, are replaced by safe and simple magnetic-bead-based workflows using a magnetic rack such as the AdnaMag-S.