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lithium ferro phosphate (LFP)


Renewable Energies Batteries

Lithium-ion Battery Cathode


Energy storage


Electrical Conductivity High mechanical strength

Manufacturer's Description

A wholly owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Lithium Australia Ltd (ASX: LIT), VSPC Pty Ltd (VSPC) has spent more than 20 years and around $35 million researching, developing and patenting processes for the cost-effective manufacture of high-purity, nano-scale materials, now primarily for next-generation lithium-ion batteries.
VSPC’s core technology enables efficient production of high-performance cathode powders – lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) in particular, as well as lithium manganese ferro phosphate (LMFP) – with a strong focus on safety, cost and sustainability.


At its electrochemistry laboratory and pilot production facility in Brisbane, Queensland, VSPC develops leading-edge materials for a range of e-mobility and energy-storage applications.

In particular, VSPC’s technology produces high-quality, high-performance and globally cost-competitive LFP cathode powder, utilising well-established technologies to mix, mill, dry, furnace and package products that are readily commercially scaleable.

Typically, products prepared from VSPC’s nano-scale formulations display enhanced physical, electrical and mechanical properties compared to other, similar products currently available.Superior cathode materials such as LFP and LMFP are a key component of improved lithium-ion battery technology. VSPC aims to improve current battery production processes, for safer, cheaper and more environmentally friendly transport and energy storage options and, ultimately, a zero-carbon economy.

The technical properties of VSPC’s advanced LFP cathode powders can be tailored to specific applications.

VSPC welcomes suggestions for collaborative projects and partnerships with potential customers and end-users from around the globe.