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LipoCoat Coating


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Anti-fouling Activity Hydrophile Bio-compatibility

Manufacturer's Description

The LipoCoat coating platform can be adapted to display a wide-range of bio-active compounds. These can provide additional surface properties to trigger specific biological processes in vivo or in vitro. Osseointegration improvement using LipoCoat coatings on orthopedic implants are under investigation.

LipoCoat contact lens products are aimed at improving comfort and safety properties of the contact lens materials by increasing surface wetting, increasing surface lubricity and reduce surface contamination by reducing deposits and bacterial build-up on the lens material. We develop surface coatings that can be adapted for use on rigid gas permeable contact lenses, soft contact lenses and can be provided as an additive to lens care solutions. Contact lens coating products are prepared for CE-clearance.

LipoCoat catheter products provide a passive and drug-less solution to reduce biofilm formation, improve blood compatibility and prevent tissue damage. LipoCoat coatings can be applied without the need for curing steps, polymerization or UV treatment. Process and thickness control is programmed into our molecular design. In addition, no harsh chemicals, pharmaceuticals or active compounds are processed into the final products. Catheter coating products for urology and cardiovascular catheters are in development.