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Graphene T-shirt


Textile Clothing



Manufacturer Asserted


C Graphene CAS Number : 7782-42-5


Body Temperature regulating

Manufacturer's Description

Excess temperature of the body is lost mainly via radiation, that is absorbed by the graphene coating and dissipated, both in hot and cold conditions.
The graphene coating keeps the basal body temperature stable, with no strong thermal fluctuations detected in the event of changes to the surrounding temperature or physical exertion.

Evolution has made a fine distinction between different areas of our body. In some places our body sweats more, and in other places less. The graphene coating PRINTGUP® is placed in areas where we sweat more and ensures that heat is transported to the outer layers with high heat dissipation. Evaporation and insulation zones are tailored to the body’s requirements. The coating creates a body-mapping system which maintains a “feel good” temperature, ensuring a comfortable and dry feeling during sports and everyday life. PRINTGUP® has an extremely stable shape with exceptionally high moisture transport properties and excellent drying action. The formation of moisture on the skin is minimised and the growth of bacteria is significantly reduced. In this way, the build-up of odours is effectively counteracted.

Graphene coating allows the rapid heat dispersion, wicking away of sweat and effective air circulation and there is no sensation of wetness.