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True Nano H2


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Immunity Improvement Stamina Improvement

Manufacturer's Description

True  Nano H2 is a dietary supplement which instantaneously delivers billions  of hydrogen molecules via nanobubbles into your body. It is recommended  for the easing of overall physical and mental strain and improving  general health. It may also slow down the aging process and has positive  effects on the skin and stamina.

We  offer this product in the form of capsules. The capsule format makes  True Nano H2 the most comfortable product which instantly and safely  supplies hydrogen to your body in the comfort of your home, during  travel, and any physical activity. 


True  Nano H2 is a revolutionary product which does not contain metallic  magnesium unlike the other similar products on the market. In our  product, active hydrogen molecules are trapped in the form of  nanobubbles in a specially designed food-grade biopolymeric matrix.  Hydrogen nanobubbles are slowly and gradually released upon contact  with surrounding liquid during digestion. This slow release of hydrogen  is very beneficial as it allows complete use of this unique molecule.