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Water Membrane

Manufacturer's Description

Nanofiltration is a pressure-driven membrane process that lies between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis in terms of its ability to reject molecular or ionic species. Nanofiltration uses less energy than a reverse osmosis system. The major difference is that the nano membrane is not as “tight” as the reverse osmosis membrane.

It operates at a lower feed water pressure and it does not remove monovalent (i.e., those with a single charge or valence of one) ions from the water as effectively as the RO membrane. 

SUEZ Water has by far the most extensive range of Nanofiltration membranes in the industry which include the D Series (DL & DK), Duraslick Series, the HL Series and the HP NF membranes.

SUEZ NF membranes are all spiral wound, and are used for a variety of applications including

Dye Desalting
Water Softening
Dairy Processing
Protein concentration
COD & Color Reduction
And many more such applications.....