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Manufacturer's Description

Perovskites are a naturally occurring mineral found on earth, and one of the most abundant materials making up the earth’s mantle.

Originally discovered in 1839, Perovskites were first used as a solar PV absorber as recently as 2009.

Over the last 12 years, research into the use of Perovskites as a solar energy absorption material has been significant and global.

Researchers in labs, universities, and private enterprises are working on formulations of Perovskites that are easy to use and efficient in their ability to absorb and convert sunlight into energy.

Over the last few years alone, the efficiency of Perovskites for solar PV has increased from under 4% power conversion efficiency (PCE) in 2009 to over 25% PC.

Our unique patented Microgrooves are designed in a pattern to optimise the flow of electrons and to “tune” the electrical output of the solar module.

A single Microgroove generates a certain amount of energy (voltage and current) and so by grouping the Microgrooves together, we can easily adapt the solar film for a specific voltage and current output.

The ability to easily adapt a solar PV product for both physical dimensions and electrical specifications is uniquely enabled with the use of Microgrooves.    

Power Roll has taken the most rapidly advancing new PV solar absorption material, Perovskite, and give it a home on the lowest-cost and highest-resolution conductive surface available, Microgrooves.

This combination of 3D surfaces, high-resolution patterning, roll-to-roll production, and use of Perovskites is totally unique in the solar PV industry.

This combination of materials and processes allows for the generation of electrical energy at the lowest cost per watt of any PV solution, at the lowest weight, and with the highest degree of both physical and electrical adaptability.